New Groups to Share about & learn Leading-edge Bodymind Healing Practices

With Fall time recently arriving, I’m entering in a new phase of my work…wanting to pass the legacy of my learnings and teachings onto others in an even more focused way. So, for the last month I’ve been working on reformatting my website for better ease of transmission. It’s been a very dharmically fruitful  project, putting all my stuff in one place: that give you the ability to download past presentations I’ve done on self-healing methods, and a place where many of my publications and audios/videos can be purchased at discounted prices, etc.….trying to keep pace with the web savvy 🙂
Groups to Share about & Learn Leading-edge Bodymind Healing Practices
As part of this “dharmic project,” I’m beginning two new local Contra Costa County groups: (1.) An Integral Living with Transformative Practices {Click Link} on Thursday mornings for anyone (the public or health professionals) who wants to share about and learn ways to cope with the current times of “the Great Unravelling,” personal and societal, and (2.) A Bodymind Healing Training Group {Click Link} for health professionals (on Tuesday mornings). You can click on the links above to see them on my newly formatted website. And, if you’d like to come up to one of my ongoing Bodymind Healing Qigong Saturday morning classes here’s a link to them.
The meetings of the Integral Living Group and the meetings of the Bodymind Healing Training group will be at a Contra Costa County location when there are enough sign-ups. Directions will be given when you email, or call 510-849-2878 or 925-623-3540 to express interest in seeing whether one of these groups is a fit for you.
 I hope you’ll consider coming to one of my groups or classes, or please refer others who you think could benefit from some of the East-West healing methods I’ll be sharing in both groups.
Please call or email me with any questions you may have…
Blessings for all that comes falling from the Tree of your Life to others in your lives,

Dr. Michael

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