Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples

Real transformation is possible when you find your connection with your authentic Self. With my 30 years of psychotherapy experience, I give you leading-edge methods to help you deal with various psychological issues. Self-healing tools from Eastern and Western traditions can reduce or eliminate medications and empowers your inner healer to deal with your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, hypertension, etc.

You’ll learn to communicate your feelings more effectively, and find a new stance toward issues in your life. My approach is integrative; I adapt my approach to your unique needs. Specialty: Self-healing methods for mental/physical health.

I have convenient psychotherapy office locations in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Contra Costa County (Lafayette & Orinda).

My book, Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy, outlines my mind-body healing approach. I also enjoy working with couples as seen in my book Trials of the Heart: Healing the Wounds of Intimacy. I am also fair and non-judgmental.

Specialties and Areas of Focus:

  • Anxiety, Panic and Phobias
  • Depression and Low Energy
  • Hypertension and Stress
  • Addictions
  • Chronic Pain and Sports Injuries
  • Insomnia
  • Trauma
  • Life Transitions
  • Pre and Post Surgical Hypnosis
  • Relationship Difficulties — Constructive communication of negative feelings
  • Transforming your Inner Critic into a Helpful Coach

Click here to view Dr. Mayer’s You Tube Channel  where he talks about: Healing Trauma, Chronic Pain, Hypertension, and Energy Psychology.

Methods used in Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy…
Specifically selected treatments are mutually agreed upon and individually adapted to each person’s unique needs.)

  • At the top of the list is the key ingredient… our authentic relationship with each other. “Real relationship” heals. All the methods listed below add to this quintessential element.
  • Western forms of psychotherapy, including psychodynamic self-psychology, cognitive/behavioral, Jungian/archetypal.
  • Tap into the wisdom of the body/mind and find the felt meaning of your issues with Dr. Eugene Gendlin’s “Focusing” method.
  • Deepen your inner life with imagery, dream-work, and storytelling.
  • Enhance your ability to relax and increase vital energy with: Acupressure self-touch and Qigong, a many thousand year old method of cultivating the energy of life.

Dr. Mayer’s Bodymind Healing Psychotherapytm combines ancient sacred wisdom traditions with modern psychological transformative methods may including some the following:

  1. Taoist Breathing Techniques, Guided Visualization,and Hypnosis
  2.  Self Soothing
  3.  “Focusing” on Felt Meaning
  4. Psychodynamics
  5. Cognitive Restructuring
  6. Energy Psychology
  7. Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist belly self-massage)
  8. Acupressure: self touch
  9. Symbolic Process Approaches to Healing
  10.  Bodymind Healing Qigong Practice

What others are saying about Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy…

…I applaud Dr Michael Mayer for his monumental work, which hopefully foreshadows the shape of body-mind approaches for years to come.

Bessel van der Kolk, MD
Medical Director, The Trauma Center, Boston University School of Medicine
Past President, International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies
Co-principal Investigator for the DSM IV Field Trial for PTSD

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