Free Workshop: Transforming Energy Psychology into a Comprehensive, Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Transforming Energy Psychology into a Comprehensive, Transpersonal Psychotherapy

with Michael Mayer , Ph.D.

BBS CEU’s available for a small fee (see below)

When: Saturday, October 17, 2015

Where: 268 Grand Avenue, Oakland CA 94610

Registration: Contact Rachel Michaelsen at:, 510-289-2406, or Dr. Michael Mayer,

Cost: FREE Workshop *

*Donation of $3-5 requested. Drinks provided – bring snacks to share if you wish. Feel free to invite friends and colleagues who might be interested in learning about ACEP and EP.

 BBS CEUs $5

1- 1:15 gather

1:15-1:30 – introductions

1:30-3:30 program

3:30–4 schmooze


Course Description:

In this presentation, which comes from the workshop Michael just did at the ACEP conference in Virginia, participants will see how various transpersonal modalities such as symbolic process methods of healing and traditions of postural initiation (including Qigong), can add to energy psychology interventions in cases involving anxiety, panic disorder, hypertension, chronic pain, and insomnia. Theory, practices, and case illustrations will be used to see how one transpersonal energy psychotherapy, Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy, functions as an integral approach to energy psychology.

Course Objectives:

This course is designed to help participants:

1. Learn six treatment methods that can be seen to form part of an integrative, transpersonal energy psychotherapy according to the presenter.

2. Identify which type of breathing from Qigong helps with hypertension.

3. Recognize the ethical issues that are related to incorporating transpersonal psychology methods into psychotherapy and energy psychotherapy.

Donation: $3-5 to cover rental and drinks

BBS CEU’s: $5, CEUs are provided through Psychological Training and Education. Course meets the qualifications for 2 continuing education credits for MFTs and /or LCSWs as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. PCE # 5291.

Questions and RSVP: Contact Rachel Michaelsen at:, 510-289-2406

*A note about parking: There are two hour meters on Grand Ave.

Recommended Reading and Viewing:

  • Mayer, M.(2009). Energy Psychology: Self-healing Methods for Bodymind Health, North Atlantic Random House.
  • Mayer, M. (2007). Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy: Ancient Pathways to Modern Health.
  • Mayer, M. (2012) Transforming Energy Psychology into a Comprehensive Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Association for Transpersonal Psychology solicited blog article. 
  • Mayer, M. (2000). Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD

Content Outline (Open to Organic Evolution)…

First session (30 minutes): Transforming Energy Psychology into a Comprehensive, Transpersonal Psychotherapy 

  1.  A new origin myth for psychotherapy {10’}
  2. Broadening and deepening Energy psychology into an Integral Transpersonal Psychotherapy. Its roots in  traditional and transpersonal approaches to psychotherapy:( i.e. Psychodynamic, Jungian, Gendlin’s focusing, symbolic process modes of healing, cross cultural traditions of postural initiation such as Qigong), 10’},
  3. River of LifeGuided Visualization method Case Illustration: Using transpersonal, cross-cultural somatic healing methods in psychotherapy:  anxiety case illustrations {10’}

Second session (30 minutes): Integrating Qigong into Behavioral Healthcare and Psychotherapy 

  1. Standing Mediation Qigong  to Change your Life Stance. (5’)
  2. Demonstration of Qigong movements as a complementary treatment for behavioral health: relaxation, energizing, limbering joints, hypertension, balance and prevention of falls in the elderly somatic complaints, chronic diseases, reversing sympathetic nervous system fight/flight for trauma etc.{10’}
  3. Case illustration:  Hypertension, chronic pain, trauma {10’}
  4. Overview of The Mythic Journey Process (5’)

Third session (30 minutes):An Integral Approach to Using the Essence of Qigong and Symbolic Process in Psychotherapy Without Using Qigong Movements 

  1. Transpersonal Psychology Perspective on what Creates Change in Psychotherapy? {10’}
  2.  Psychotherapy as Changing your Life Stance, Transmuting internalizations with body-based psychotherapy, Case Examples: Social phobia, sexual trauma. {10’}
  3.  Knowledge of Qigong/ Tai Chi stances enhances awareness of somatic changes at moments of “felt shift” (Gendlin,1978) in psychotherapy, and enhances anchoring of these new life stances. Case illustration: Abusive parent. {10’}

Fourth session (30 minutes): Psycho-mythological energetic transpersonal psychotherapy, Research and Ethics {30 Minutes} 

  1. The Mythic Journey Process  (10)
  2. Questions re application of BMHP {10’}
  3. Research & Ethics {5’}
  4. Summary and Final Questions {5’}

Registration: Contact Rachel Michaelsen at:, 510-289-2406.

*For Further Training: Ongoing Training/Case Consultation Group in Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy, a transpersonal, integral psychotherapy.



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