Workshop: Shaver Lake Sangha-Qigong Weekend In The High Sierras – March 13, 2009

 Qigong and Bodymind Healing: The Self Healing Path

Michael Mayer Ph.D.
Shaver Lake: In the High Sierras
March13-15, 2009

Human Beings, in our deepest essences are “shape shifters.”  We are elements of creation: fire,
earth, metal, water and wood. We are empty space, as modern physics shows us. Qigong practices
show us how to change our life stances by becoming like a tree, or moving like a silk worm reeling
silk, transforming our identities with the lightness of Being that can be as colorful as that of a
butterfly. And if current research is accurate, when we shape shift into the appropriate element for
the occasion, and return to our primordial selves, natural health is restored and we live younger


–       Secrets to Living Younger Longer;
The Self Healing Path of Qigong, Standing Meditation and Tai Chi
–       Michael Mayer PhD

This workshop opens the pathway to your experience of the thesis of my Secrets... book…. that Tai Chi and Qigong are initiatory traditions which stems from a long- lost lineage that includes self- healing, spiritual unfoldment, self-defense and changing your life stance through “shape shifting.” You’ll become initiated into the ten-system, integrative method, Bodymind Healing Qigong, that I synthesized over 30 years of training with some of the most respected Tai Chi and Qigong masters. Learn why Standing Meditation Qigong has been called “the million dollar secret of qigong,” how the animal forms of Qigong can help you reactivate your primordial self, and why Yi Chuan walking meditation adds something vital to traditions of Walking Meditation. Here you’ll find a blend of anthropological research, case examples from my work in an integrative medical clinic, imaginative teaching stories from cross-cultural ancient sacred wisdom traditions, Tai Chi dance, two person self-development practices (Tai Chi joining hands practice), and Western Bodymind healing methods help to round out this unique blend of ancient of ancient and modern approaches to bodymind healing. You’ll discover ways to work with common ailments including insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, chronic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome as part of your lifetime preventative medicine program. Oriented towards health practitioners, and anyone wanting to learn self-healing methods.

$300 includes weekend workshop and food.
Weekend Workshop Schedule:


Registration and Settling in 5:00

Dinner 5:30-6:30 PM

  • First Program Session 7: 9:30 PM: Introductions.

Intro to Bodymind Healing Qigong (BMHQ).

Power-point: Qigong-Ancient Path to Modern Health


     • Session 8-9:30 am Tai Chi Chuan

Light Breakfast 9:30-10:30 AM

  • 10:45-12:45 PM Bodymind Healing Qigong (BMHQ)

Lunch: 1-2:30 PM

  • 2:30-3:30 PM Self -Healing Applications for Health

• 3:30-4:30 PM Two person Self Development Practices
5:00- 5:30 PM Break time

Dinner: 5:30-6:30 PM

  • 6:45-8 PM Bodymind Healing Psych

8-9 PM Tai Chi Dance


Breakfast 8:30-9:30 AM

  • Final Session 10-12 or 12:30 PM Bodymind Healing Qigong

Snack 12:30-1 PM

adminmmWorkshop: Shaver Lake Sangha-Qigong Weekend In The High Sierras – March 13, 2009