Workshop: The Psychotherapy Institute-Bodymind Healing In Psychotherapy – Saturday, February 02, 2008

 Bodymind Healing in Psychotherapy: Ancient Pathways to Modern Health

7 Continuing Education Units Available

In this workshop therapists will learn how to enhance a variety of different psychotherapetic orientations, by introducing patients to various bodymind, self-healing methods that can aid their physical and mental health. Participants will be introduced to an integration of Qigong, behavioral healthcare, and psychotherapy that Dr. Mayer developed after 30 years of training with some of the most respected TaiChi/Qigong masters, and which he tested in an integrated medical clinic which he co-founded. Dr Mayer shows how to integrate the essences of these practices into psychotherapy without using a Qigong movement, and without mentioning a word about Qigong. By combining Eastern and Western relaxation, breathing, self-touch, hypnotherapeutic methods and the transcending and transmuting dimension of the imagery/somatic dialectic an integral paradigm for bodymind healing is accessible for clinicians and their patients in brief or depth psychotherapy. Theory, case illustrations, and practices will be combined to show how this bodymind healing approach can help alleviate anxiety, hypertension, chronic pain, insomnia, etc. The clinical content of this course is at a postdoctoral level in that it assumes psychotherapeutic knowledge of traditional methodologies, yet pre-doctoral students and even members of the intelligent lay public will be able to learn self healing tools from this workshop.

What is Qigong? Qigong is a many thousand-year-old method of cultivating the energy of life (Qi) through breath, movement, posture, self-touch, awareness, and imagery. Qigong is one of the branches of Chinese medicine, and Tai Chi is the best known system of Qigong. Recent research has demonstrated that Qigong has the ability to lower blood pressure, increase balance, activate the immune system, and help with a wide variety of chronic diseases. This root system of Chinese medicine has the unique ability to simultaneously relax and energize; and it provides exercise without putting stress on the joints as does running…no wonder Time Magazine (August, 2002) calls it “the perfect exercise.”

Qigong is a rising star on the Eastern horizon… a healing tool for our current healthcare crises. It was a feature article in one of Dr. Andy Weil’s magazines, and even traditional sources like The Wall Street Journal says it’s “the hottest trend in stress relief.” Many people think Qigong is about graceful movements; but Qigong also has static practices that can be done in stillness. Many people think Qigong is about practices that relax; but Qigong is a unique time-tested practice that simultaneously relaxes and energizes.

Registration: Online: ,, (510) 548-2250 x421.

Cost: Before Jan 12/2008: Members $105, Nonmembers: $125, Students/Interns $85.

After Jan 12/2008 Members $115, Nonmembers $135, Students/Interns $95.

Location:Alta Bates Summit Medical Center
Herrick Campus – Maffly Auditorium
2001 Dwight Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

From North and South-bound 24:
Take 24 to Berkeley
Exit Telegraph Ave. and head East.
Turn left on Haste Street (one-way)
Turn left on Milvia, Turn left on Dwight to main entrance

Free parking in Herrick Parking Lot: Enter on Milvia St near the corner at Dwight Way

Michael Mayer, Ph.D., licensed Psychologist, and Qigong teacher specializing in self-healing methods for health problems. Dr. Mayer presents his approach to bodymind healing at professional conferences, universities, hospitals, and he is a keynote speaker. Dr. Mayer was the first person in the United States to train doctoral psychology the integration of Qigong and Psychotherapy. The World Institute for Self-healing gave him an award for outstanding research and contribution to the advancement of mind-body medicine Dr. Mayer co-founded and was a psychologist for an integrative medical clinic. He is author of ten publications on bodymind healing including books, and peer reviewed articles. His Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD is used in trauma trainings by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Director, The Trauma Center, Boston University Medical School. His certification programs in Qigong and Bodymind Healing for Health Professionals take place at Esalen Institute, and his ongoing training group in Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy takes place in the SF bay area.

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