Workshop: California Institute Of Integral Studies- Bodymind Healing & Qigong: The Self-Healing Path – February 23, 2009

Bodymind Healing and Qigong: The Self Healing Path

Continuing Education Credits avialable for health professionals. Also open to anyone interested in learning self-healing methods for physical and mental health

Become initiated into the thesis of Dr. Michael Mayer’s book: Tai Chi and Qigong are initiatory traditions stemming from a long-lost lineage that includes self-healing, spiritual unfoldment, self-defense, and changing your life-stance. You’ll learn self-healing practices from the ten-system integrative method, Bodymind Healing Qigong, that Dr. Mayer synthesized over 30 years of training with some of the most respected Tai Chi/Qigong masters. Drawing from his two books on the integration of Qigong and Western mind-body healing methods, Dr Mayer will present a blend of anthropological research, case examples from his work in an integrative medical clinic, and stories from ancient, sacred wisdom-traditions. You’ll discover ways to work with common ailments-insomnia, anxiety, hypertension, chronic pain- as part of your lifetime preventative medicine program.

Registration: ,, 415-575-6175

Location: Presidio Golden Gate Club, San Francisco

Cost: Participant fee is $125, $100 for students and graduates of CIIS, $135 (includes lunch)


Michael Mayer, Ph.D., licensed Psychologist, and Qigong teacher specializing in self-healing methods for health problems. Dr. Mayer presents his approach to bodymind healing at professional conferences, universities, hospitals, and he is a keynote speaker. Dr. Mayer was the first person in the United States to train doctoral psychology the integration of Qigong and Psychotherapy. The World Institute for Self-healing gave him an award for outstanding research and contribution to the advancement of mind-body medicine Dr. Mayer co-founded and was a psychologist for an integrative medical clinic. He is author of ten publications on bodymind healing including books, and peer reviewed articles. His Bodymind Healing Qigong DVD is used in trauma trainings by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Director, The Trauma Center, Boston University Medical School. His certification programs in Qigong and Bodymind Healing for Health Professionals take place at Esalen Institute.

adminmmWorkshop: California Institute Of Integral Studies- Bodymind Healing & Qigong: The Self-Healing Path – February 23, 2009